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Archer Space Patrol Walkie Talkies

The archer space patrol walkie talkies are a great way to communicate with your less-than-1ghz bounty hunter community. These walkie talkies come in standard and rapid fire rates, so you can keep your customers in your reach even while they are away on their gruelling workdays.

Best Archer Space Patrol Walkie Talkies

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Archer Space Patrol Walkie Talkies Ebay

These walkie-talkies are a vintage era and are in excellent condition. They are covered in dust and are missing one end of the conversation cable. They are also missing the top of the conversation cable. This is a simple question of how to replace the top end of the conversation cable. They are working perfectly and are a great addition to any collection. this is a vintage archer micro space patrol walkie talkies 60-4002 radio shackuntested. We have many other micros like this available on walkietalkies. Biz for sale at a discount. We do not have these walkie talkies left in the store. If you are looking for a used walkie talkie, this is the one! This walkie talkie is in great condition and works perfectly. This walkie talkie is a good value for your money. this is a vintage 1976 archer space patrol walkie-talkies radio-shack refurbed - tested. This radio-shack walkie-talkie is refinished and is in great condition. It is 10" w x 6" h x 2" d and has a 5 symbol bulb. It is also have a v-beam transmitter. This walkie-talkie is a good asset for your space ops team. these walkie talkies are all that are left of the archer space patrol. They are light years away in the nowsolete state of space technology. The walkies are enhanced with digital technology so that they can communicate with each other and with humans.