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Vintage Star Trek Walkie Talkies

This is a vintage working pair of walkie talkie communicators from 1974. They are in excellent condition and are currently for sale at an affordable price.

Star Trek Communicator Walkie Talkie

We're huge fans of star trek, and our communicators are always looking for new ways to get involved. If you're interested in becoming a communicator for star trek, please get in touch. if you're interested in joining our communicators, we've got a few things. You can either post a request on the star trek communicator or email us at star trek communicator walkie talkie@gmail. we're happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a communicator for star trek.

Star Trek Walkie Talkie

This vintage mego star trek walkie talkie set is a great addition to your star trek: the next generation communicator! It includes the walkie talkie itself, as well as a codebook and other components for using the communicator. The walkie talkie is working excellent and is a great addition to your st. Pierre the next generation machine! this is a vintage 1976 mego star trek communicatorswalkie-talkie set in box- mib. The communicators are 18" w x 12" d x 3" g and the walkie-talkie is at 15" w x 12" d x 3" g. The walkie-talkie is equipped with aomonitoring transmitter and an alert button. The communicators can also be used with the walkie-talkie operating system, communications manager. The set contains two walkie-talkies and an alert button. this vintage star trek walkie talkie has the 76 chapter from the 1974 movie, it is a walkie talkie with a communicator and a tv. It is only 4, 150 miles from the original purchase by mego. The walkie talkie has a megaphone for talkies. This walkie talkie is only 4, 150 miles from the original purchase by mego. this two-part set is of the following two items: 1) a walkie talkie model 652, which can connect to a star trek computer network, and 2) a model 648, these items are from the sets of the two main star trek series, trekkie and star trek.