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Stranger Things Walkie Talkie

This is a vintage-looking trc-219cb hand held radio that stranded things would love to have. It's been used but in good condition. This is a distance-based cb handheld radio, so it comes with a built-in radio that can send and receive voice and data. It has the stranger things walkie talkie name on it.

Walkie Talkie Stranger Things

So, I just got a walkie talkie from my old friend from sacramento, he's been begging me to go on adventures with him and the kids for years now, and I finally gave him a chance last year. now he's my new stranger things friend, and we're both eagerly waiting for our next trip. He's always been a bit of a history enthusiast, and we can't wait to explore different parts of the world together. we've just spent our last few days together cooking up a plan for us to take on our next adventure, and we're just about to finalize a few details. It's sherlockiens first walkie talkie, and we're both eager to learn more about the universe and what possibilities it can offer. so far, we've experienced a few strange things, and we're both excited to continue learning about more of the same. We're eager to explore the world and learn as much as we can before finally taking the trip.

Stranger Things Walkie Talkies

The trc-206 walkie talkie cb radio is a realistic walkie talkie that features 3 channels for multiple talky purposes. It is perfect for storing, distress, or emergency signals. The walkie talkie also has a built in antenna for received wattage and watt hours. this walkie talkie is a historical artifact from the early 20th century. The trc-206 is a classic, authentic walkie talkie transceiver, and it looks like it was made by the typical citizens of the time. This walkie talkie is functions as a normal walkie talkie, but it can be. Communicate with other walkie talkies in your area with this simple form. this walkie talkie is a true 2-watt 3-channel walkie-talkie! It features a realistic 80s-inspired design and features 2 ghz interference-free channels. It is perfect for any modern-day wireless needs! this vintage walkie talkie stranger things is a great addition to your home security system. The trc-83 is a three-channel transceiver that can be used for police or security purposes. It has a realistic look and feel and is made of durable plastic. This walkie talkie can talk to other walkie talkies in your home, letting you know when someone is present or not. The trc-83 is also great for monitoring security cameras or for using as a text message to other walkie talkies in your home.