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Walkie Talkie Throat Mic

This hands-free walkie talkie phone has an fbi style logo on the side and earpiece mic on the top. It has a red and green color scheme with a black body.

Throat Walkie Talkie Headset

If you're looking for a new way to connect with others, if you're looking for a walkie talkie headset that will make your phone feel like you're in the same room as everyone else on the planet, then look no further than the throatwalkie headset. This headset is going to make your phone feel like it's right there with you, so you can't help but be sucked in and start talking to your friends and chatting with them about everything that's going on. The talk function is really good and it keeps your phone in the foreground so you can't get lost in the conversation. The only downside is that it does start to felt like your phone is at the forefront so you're not really paying attention to everyone around you. Overall, the throatwalkie headset is a great way to connect with friends and make your phone a part of the conversation.

Walkie Talkies With Throat Mics

This is a walkie talkie set with a throat mic. It has an earpiece for the midland 2 two way radio and a finger ptt readout. thismic is perfect for using your baofeng uv5r radio with a walkie talkie headset. This2pin ptt for walkie talkie allows you to easily connect your radio to your talkie headset. It has an easy to use interface and comes with a few liners to protect your radio. a walkie talkie with a throat mic and earpiece. This version of the baofeng uv5r 888s radio has a walkie talkie with a throat mic and earpiece. This makes it more easy to talk to the phone because you can hear it over the phone. The walkie talkie also has a finger pen type of technology that allows you to talk to the phone without having to take your hand off the phone. this walkie talkie mic has a headset for the motorola radio walkie talkie 2. It has a hands-free mic which makes it perfect for head phones and other hands-free activities.