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Sony Walkie Talkie

If you're looking for a top quality rare transceiver walkie talkie, then you need to check out sony walkie talkie icb-1000w. This walkie talkie is made in japan and is original box. With more than 100 channels of communication, this walkie talkie is perfect for industry-specific needs.

Cheap Sony Walkie Talkie

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Sony Walkie Talkie Walmart

This sony walkie talkie is a 350watt accumulator model and is compatible with the international standard gsm standard. It is a vintage style walkie talkie with a dark blue color. It is made of metal and has a black plastic cover. It is working perfectly and has a red light to show it is on. It is also been tested working with free talk service. This walkie talkie is a great addition to any home or office telecommunication needs. this rare vintage sony walkie talkie icb-1000wpa is a great addition to your's home office or spentreciation. This walkie talkie is made in japan and is original box new. This walkie talkie has an icb-1000wpa wattage of up to 50 watts per channel making it perfect for sessions up to. The walkie talkie also features an external antenna for added range and a 10 day battery life. This walkie talkie is perfect for those busy office lives or people who want high level of privacy. this is a vintage set of 2 my first sony walkie talkie red headsets ided privacable with icb-1000. They are original and function perfectly. These walkie talkie style radios are a great addition to your collection. this is a rare vintage lot of 3x sony walkie talkie icb-1000w made in japan 5 antenna tested. This walkie talkie is from the early 2000s and has the sony symbol after it and the word "icb" in the name. It is in great condition and has the usual sony congratulateers!