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Military Walkie Talkie

The rt29 is a military grade walkie talkie that is long range and heavy duty. It is perfect for international or long range communication. The unit features 2 water resistanturi.

Tactical Walkie Talkie

The tactical walkie talkie is a technology that allows two people to talk to each other without being seen. It is a very efficient way of communicating as it can reduce the chances of being overheard. It is also great for when two people need to share further information or are looking to share a plan of action.

Military Grade Walkie Talkies

The military grade tac-sky tactical headset is a great accessory for your military or work gear. This headset features a built-in kenwood tv tuner and a built-in tac-sky security kit to protect your gear from thieves. The tac-sky security kit allows you to control your gear using standard walkie-talkie antennas. The tac-sky is a high-quality, military-grade headset that is perfect for any activity or deployment. the retevisrt29 is the perfect military grade walkie talkies for long range heavy duty conversations. With long range and heavy duty capabilities, this walkie talkie is perfect for forces large or small. With great talking power, ability to handle long distance conversations, and great looking black. this tac-sky tactical airsoft military anprc 148 walkie talkie virtual model is perfect for practicing your talkie commands and exercises. With excellent performance and easy-to-use controls, the military grade walkie talkie is perfect for those who love to fight and die for their country. This walkie talkie is made with military grade wire and clamps to keep it in perfect condition. It also has a built in radio so you can talk to your friends and rivals while they fight.