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Cell Phone Walkie Talkie Adapter

This adaptor allows you to connect your cell phone to a walkie-talkie for communication. The earpiece is attached to the adaptor and the adaptor makes it easy to talk to your cell phone. The earpiece can also be stored in the adaptor for easy access to walkie-talkie communication.

Bluetooth Adapter For Walkie Talkie

If you're looking for a bluetooth adapter for your walkie talkie, then you've come to the right place! This one is specific to make walkie talkies compatible with iphones and other bluetooth devices. We've also got a few tips on how to get started, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible experience with your walkie talkie.

Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Adapter

This adaptor lets you connect a walkietalkies. Biz 3. 5mm kenwood earpiece to a cell phone to provide a bluetooth walkie talkie adapter. The earpiece can be used to communicate with other walkietalkies. 5mm kenwood earpieces in the area. The walkie talkie adapter can also be used to communicate with cell phones in areas without walkietalkies. 5mm kenwood earpieces. this adaptor is for the walkietalkies. 5mm kenwood earpiece adaptor for cellphone to walkie-talkie. It is made of durable plastic and metal, and is perfect for keeping your phone with you when walking or traveling. The earpiece is easy to find and keep close to your body, so you can make calls and get alerts when needed. this is a cell phone walkie talkie adapter that charges your phone when you are not using it. It includes a charger and a batt. this adaptor allows you to connect a walkietalkies. 5mm kenwood earpiece to a cell phone to walkie-talkie. Or storeinnacle it for future use.